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We are a bunch of nerds doing a lot of nerdy stuff mixed in with some real estate!

Welcome to Nerd Territory ­čÖé

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Some of the cool stuff we do…

Service Quality

We know that buying or selling a home is a super stressful and confusing process. During the first 6 months of Nerd Realty we took a step back from doing deals just to analyze all of the tension points that a buyer and seller goes through during the process. We started to brainstorm on how we can relieve those tension points. We do things very differently than other brokerages and are dedicated to service quality. We also pick up our phones when you call!

Analytics/ Market Research

At Nerd Realty we believe our weekend fun is crunching numbers and finding you good deals! We track every trend known to exist. Specifically over 400 variables about the Greater Downtown Miami but this may get too nerdy for most people.

Buyer Video Tours

It is hard to keep track of what features were in which unit after you have seen a million units. At Nerd Realty we decided to take a video of each unit you see. At the end of the showing we send you a youtube link to everything you have seen. This way you can relive the excitement and share with your friends and family!

Digital Marketing

You didn’t stumble across this beautiful website by accident. We know how to market our stuff and its always wrapped in beautiful design! We have thousands and thousands of people visiting our websites each month. We do a lot of SEO, SEM, and social media marketing to get the largest exposure for our clients!

Awesome Photography

We have never met a buyer who makes a decision based on a paragraph. We all look at the pictures first! At Nerd Realty we all spent a lot of time sneaking into building ninja style and practicing our photography skills! We never use crappy cell phone shots like most realtors. We use professional equipment for professional results. Our photos are pretty impressive!


Nerds love tech stuff! Every agent at Nerd Realty has an iPad! We took the time to learn over 200 apps/software to make your life easy. We do everything from electronic document signatures to rental checklists with pictures!

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