A whole paragraph about Neal Chinai…. Woo Hoo!!

Neal Chinai is the Chief Executive Nerd (the guy in charge) of Nerd Realty. Growing up Neal was always the awkward kid who loved to watch HGTV. When the opportunity came to start a Real Estate Career it just seemed like a natural fit! Neal really loves real estate! In 2013 Neal realized that the real estate industry need some innovation in marketing and customer experience so he started Nerd Realty. Neal graduated from Penn State University (We Are… Fellow PSU grads can finish that line) with three undergraduate degrees and one minor all in 4 years. His degrees are in Finance, Economics, Hotel Restaurant and Institutional management and his minor is in International Business. Neal was also part of the prestigious Schreyer’s Honors program (top 500 in the entire university). Prior to real estate, Neal was a currency and stock (equities) trader. Neal is a HUGE Miami Heat fan (GO HEAT!) and enjoys going to the games when he can.




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Picks up his phone

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Miami?

There are so many good choices to choose from, but I do particularly enjoy going to Morgans Restaurant for some Sunday brunch. If you haven't been please try their chicken and waffles!

Q: What is your dream building?

I once helped a client secure a beautiful penthouse unit at Marquis. I wouldn't mind living in that unit!

What car do you drive?

I am not a huge car guy and I do not drive a lot so I decided to get a Mazda 3! I actually really love that car. 41mpg; I like to think that grabs the ladies attention lol!

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